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The name DB2 was first given to the Database Management System or DBMS in 1983 when IBM released DB2 on its MVS mainframe platform. Prior to this, a similar product was named SQL/DS on the VM platform. The earlier System 38 platform also contained a relational DBMS. System Relational, or System R, was a research prototype developed in the 1970s. DB2 has its roots back to the beginning of the 1970s when E.F. Codd, working for IBM, described the theory of relational databases and in June 1970 published the model for data manipulation. To apply the model Codd needed a relational database language he named Alpha.

DB2 Resources

IBM® DB2® 9.7 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® takes the cost savings, ease of use, and security of DB2 9 to the next level. For example, the industry-leading deep compression technology introduced in DB2 9 has been enhanced and extended in DB2 9.7. The result is even lower storage costs in DB2 9.7

2. DB2 Recovery Expert for Linux, Unix and Windows
IBM® DB2® Recovery Expert for Linux™, Unix, and Windows™ is a self-managing backup and recovery solution that protects mission-critical data. It can help you avoid accidental data loss or corruption by providing a faster, less costly method of recovery when time is of the essence

3. IBM Optim Database Administrator
IBM® Optim™ Database Administrator improves database administrators' (DBAs') productivity and reduces application outages by automating and simplifying complex DB2 structural changes. Optim Database Administrator provides enhanced overall administrative task support and extend support for partitioned database environments

4. IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Enterprise Edition
IBM® InfoSphere™ Warehouse V9.7 Enterprise Edition makes it easier to discover hidden business opportunities. It provides a comprehensive platform to design, optimize, discover and grow departmental data marts and enterprise data warehouses.

5. IBM InfoSphere Data Architect V7.5.3
IBM® InfoSphere Data Architect is a collaborative data design solution to help you discover, model, relate, and standardize diverse and distributed data assets. It supports dimensional modeling.


The IBM PowerHA pureScale server provides centralized lock management services, a centralized global cache for data pages (known as the group buffer pool), and more. Each member in a DB2 pureScale datasharing group can interact directly with the PowerHA pureScale server through an InfiniBand network using User Direct Access Programming Library More ....

Quick Guide

Quick Guide for DB2 installation.
Login as root to this system. As we need to create certain user group and users. Following commands will allow you to create user with needed path for home directory. We will need to create user and set its password as well More ....


DB2PD – Diagnosing a lockwait
In RDBMS database, to validate data integrity, it has concept called as lockwait. Lockwait goes like wait on lock to be released by another application. The time which is need to get hold of perticular resource by holding lock is measured in time. DB2 has tool which provides a way to diagnose lockwait condition. Following is example of this. More ....

Certification by Our Resources

700 - DB2 V8 Family Fundamentals certification
701 - DB2 V8.1 Database Administration certification

731 - DB2 V9.0 Database Administration certification
734 - DB2 V9.0 Advanced Database Administrator certification

546 - DB2 V9.7 Database Administrator certification
544 - DB2 V9.7 Advanced Database Administrator certification