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ARUMAN is an organization committed to remote database support and services. We employ the best resources, both human and technical, and complemented with our experience offer solutions that are time tested and seamless. In addition to our technical support, we lay sufficient stress on our marketing, support and administrative segments to offer one-window integrated solution for our customers.

ARUMAN being a member of Microsoft Partner Network has the best processes of database services, support and administration. In our endeavor to continually enhance our processes we rely on Japanese Kaizen. This principle strives in finding solutions to problems rather than seeking excuses of not addressing them. We at ARUMAN follow procedures that are in sync with our long term objectives, and vision.

Knowledge Arena

How to work with db2move?

This article will give you explanation of what is operating system independent backup is? What are the types of files which get generated in db2move? How db2move is used for backup and restore of database.

Database Support blog

ARUMAN is geared to address an online transactions processing (OLTP) database of 50,000 users as well as having online analytical processing (OLAP) requirement of 120 TB. Our team of expert administrators works relentlessly in offering superior remote database support and database administration services. Our area of operation extends to multiple industrial domains and that too spread globally. Another distinctive feature of our database administration solutions is that they are platform independent and hence more versatile.

Computing concepts adopted by ARUMAN are of latest generation and based on transparent service level agreement (SLA) in remote database administration support and services. We of late have diversified into all categories of remote database monitoring. This allows furtherance of our capabilities and also greater availability of options to our valued customers.

ARUMAN is the only answer to your critical business applications in areas of database support, services and administration. We offer single window operation to all your remote DBA needs irrespective of your area of expertise and operating platform.

SQL Server Performance Monitor Counters

The performance of sql server is been monitored using certain counters. Tuning these counters will have very good performance in sql server. We are going to discuss these counters in our company blog. Sql server tuning can be done by monitoring these counters on regular basis. This blog will explain you the following counter "Batch Requests/Sec"

Database Support blog


DB2DART - Offline Tools from IBM DB2

This Article will explain how to use db2dart tool. What is high-water mark? How to lower the high water for a tablespace? What are options that can be used just for checking and for fixing the tablespace problems? How to fix a corrupted index?

NoSQL database- What is it?

This blog will explain you about the NoSQL database. We have listed down certain main NoSQL database in this blog. These are database which are created for specific purpose, which are even used in company like Amazon.


• Offline Tool
• Helps to reduce High water of tablespace
• It is used to correct index corruption
• Using this tool we can have steady performance on database
• Refer this presentation for detail


• A Virtual Private Catalog can now make sure an RMAN user can only see databases they are authorized to use.
• Archive log management for Streams and Data Guard
• Network aware DUPLICATE
• Optimized undo backup
• Improved corrupt block detection

BlackHole Engine

As we are aware that MySQL has 'N' number of engiens as InnoDB,MyIsam, there is one more interesting engine called as BlackHole. As per the name of this engine, it is kind of backhole, the table which are created in these engines are vanished after insertation of data. The setups which has binary logs enabled, will record or the statement will be logged. This can be useful for testing of replication.

Open Source Tools

We have seen the database which works with the help of operation system as intermediate between hardware and database application. HSQLDB is one of the databases which are code or written in Java. This database has many GUI table as command line SQL tool or GUI tool for query execution. This has certified with SQL:2008 and it support full ANSI-92 SQL (BNF format).

HyperSQL 2.2.6
This database has memory table feature which is included in 2005 release, which is called as HSQLDB 1.8.0, which makes this database as much faster solution. This version is called as PolePosition. more open source tools...